The subject of machine learning that deals with the prediction of images and (visuals data). these topic falls under the category of CNN.

Images are the collection of independent units called pixels. And each pixels represents one feature, so as well all know the normal photo are of 500 X 500 pixels, so the challenge here is for the calculation of weight for each features(pixels here) it’s hetic job, hence what we need to do is to reduce the dimension of the image or reduce the less important feature

as we know that dimension is equivalent to the number of…

Make the Confusion Matrix Less Confusing.

A confusion matrix is a technique for summarizing the performance of a classification algorithm.

Classification accuracy alone can be misleading if you have an unequal number of observations in each class or if you have more than two classes in your dataset.

Calculating a confusion matrix can give you a better idea of what your classification model is getting right and what types of errors it is making.

this post, will discover the confusion matrix for use in machine learning.

Classification Accuracy and its Limitations

Classification accuracy is the ratio of correct predictions to total predictions made.

classification accuracy = correct predictions / total predictions

When building a real-time application, there’s a moment where you have to choose how to implement the real-time data exchange between client and server. WebSockets is probably the most popular solutions for implementing real-time communications in the modern web.


When talking about WebSockets, we refer to a web communication protocol that provides a full-duplex communication channel over a single TCP connection. In few words, what it does is, it allows interactions between client and server with minimum overhead, allowing us to build applications that use the advantages of real-time communications.

For the time being, imagine if you’re building a chat…

i am going to show ,how to setup kubernetes cluster ,on aws and that on free tier ie t2.micro with 1 gigs of ram and only one cpu

lunching 3 instances 1 for master node and other two for worker/slave node

IAM stands for identity acess management ,Identity of IAM refers to the authentication part of kubernetes , ie certificate based authentication (by default in kubernetes). In this blog we will be deleaing with rbac(role based acess controller)where i will be explaing how to do role and roleBinding that helps to achive restrictions on the user ie on various action/verb ,various resourses or on various api versions that belongs under the scope of namespaces so ,

first of all what we all need to do is create a .key file for authentication

openssl genrsa -out sonu.key 1024

with the help of…

This blog will give you an basic intuition on how the internet and its networking takes place. Obviously, how the internet work ,and I will not be dealing all the technical defination,OSI model different types of layers, all these definition you can find online there are many resources available .

After completing the blog, you can imagine how the data is transfer from one computer to another,I will be talking about how the internet works in a simplified manner and what all things are available and how all the thing take place ,and their sequence.

What is an internet?

Internet is basically a network…

Have you ever faced with the problem of a single application behaves differently on different system ,but works fine on the system on which it was is the solution .

Before we begin, let’s understand the brief, about Containers and Virtual Machines(VMs)

containers are an abstraction at the app layer that packages code and dependencies together. one can run multiple containers on the same machine
as it(container) does not require full OS what it does is simply shares the same OS kernel with other containers but each running as an isolated
processes in the user’s environment(space).

virtual machines…

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open source enthusiast Docker, kubernetes

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